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Products Description

Dental porcelain, sintering furnace lining materials.

With different temperature requirements, the dental furnace lining is made by corresponding formula, and processed by vacuum suction filter, drying, carving and polishing etc.

The material are suitable for vaccum sintering, alumina fiber crucible can be used to sinter zirconia teeth.

Product Advantages

Provide a high-purity sintering enviroment, not pollute the dental bulb.

Lower specific heat capacity and thermal shock resistance can help the teeth cool down repidly, to achieve efficiency improvement.

Easy to install and operate.

Less heat storage in chamber, faster for cooling.

Light weight material, reduce load of furnace.

Less impurity of material, with less pollution while sintering.

Synthe & Honen has the ability to offer the design and produce according to your specific demand, please contact us if you are looking for customized high temperature solutions for your company.

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