HN-1430 Ceramic Fiber Module
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Featured Products- Sewing Module

To improve the shortcomings of compression modules processed by traditional tri-ply straps, we have researched and developed the whole set of automatic sewing equipment. By using sewn method, the ceramic fiber modules are manufactured and compressed to be installed in specific parts, which can enhance the construction efficiency and lower the cost.

According to temperature requirements, ceramic fiber module is manufactured by corresponding ceramic fiber blanket, processed by series work of cutting, folding, inserting firmware and packaging etc.

They have excellent thermal insulation and lower density, they are widely used in continuous annealing furnace, regenerative furnace, shuttle kiln, incinerator etc.

Product Application

Metallurgical Industry: Special Alloy Heat Treatment

Environmental Engineering: Waste Gas Incineration RTO

Petrochemical Industry: Cracking Furnace, Flue

Steel Industry: for Annealing, Heat Treatment, Ladle, etc.

Ceramic Industry: Sanitary Ware Shuttle Kiln

Glass Industry: Furnace

Technical Data


HN-1430 Module

Chemical Content

Al2O3( %)


SiO2( %)


ZrO2( %)


Working Temperature( %)


Density( kg/m3)


Thermal Conductivity


Tensile Strength( MPA)


Rebound Recovery


Shrinkage( %)

1200℃ ×24h

( 1.5-2.5)

Shot Content 212um%


Product Superiority- Installation

HN Sewing Module adopts the mounting method to install, which is fast and greatly improves the installation efficiency and saves installation costs. The traditional module adopts the installation method of the locking bolt and nut, and each module needs to lock the bolt, cut the strap, and extract the splint, which is time-consuming and laborious and the installation speed is slow.

Product Superiority- Environmental Protection

While install traditional modules, the straps and splints need to be removed after installation, resulting in a large amount of construction waste.

For HN sewing modules, there is no construction waste after installation, which achieves the real environmental protection construction.

Product Superiority- Resistance to Wind Erosion

HN sewing module is manufactured automatically, the modules have been completely sewed while finish this manufacturing procedure.

All fibers are oriented perpendicular to the fire surface inside the furnace. At large wind speeds, it is the fiber fracture surface that are eroded, which will prevent the module from falling off.

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